Elements to keep your responsive website design engaging

We have been talking and writing enough good things of having a responsive website design lately. Today we’ll talk about various essential elements to keep the responsive website design engaging enough to have a visitor come back to it often.

With an exceptional aesthetics and emotional quotient a website speaks a language, louder than words and builds a brand identity for the organization. A creative, engaging website not just flabbergasts a user but also build quality professional relations. Having a responsive website is the need of the hour these days and is becoming increasingly accepted. However, the question that arises here is how to keep it ‘engaging’?

Numerous brands, big or small from a static web design are switching to the responsive website design for their businesses, a logical choice. However, having just a mobile-ready site accessible across the various available gadgets, from Smartphones to desktops to tablets to other hand-held devices is not enough but making it engaging on all browser formats is imperative. With the increase in number of people using smartphones or other hand-held devices it becomes essential for the designers to tailor the website using all their creativity.

responsive web designLet’s talk about the essential elements to keep in mind while getting along a responsive website design to keep it engaging:

  1. Visually appealing images: It is very well said ‘picture paints a thousand words’. It holds true for the websites as well as we are residing in age of visual culture. Having appealing images across the website help a user to connect better with the content and the possible purpose of the site. A well sought picture in a website represents the business, provided the pictures and the messaging on the page work together harmoniously. From the marketing point of view, a well placed picture works as a story teller for your business. 

    Also, content with images get 94% higher views, than the ones without. Including visually appealing images in your website attracts users to stop on your page and view it. In the era of e-commerce it gets even more imperative to have high-quality pictures of the products on the website, this influences the buyer and the purchase takes place. A good quality, comprehensible image showing the product characteristics well, answers questions or otherwise appeal to the target audience.


  2. Excellent typography is a staple for an engaging responsive website design: The purpose of a responsive website design is to making it accessible for the user on the go. Typography here plays a vital role. For the users it is critically important to have a similar wonderful experience of viewing a website on a hand-held device with a comparatively small screen as on a desktop. It is mandatory for the responsive website design to have it typography capable enough to transform and shrink (or move) in unison along with the decrease in the screen size of a device. Choosing a strong font that scales well is a key to responsive web design success.


    Also, do not hesitate to mix in different fonts to create the right feel for your website.


  3. Easy to use navigation: Having an easy to use navigation on your website is as important as any other element. If a user visits your website and he is not able to find out desired content on your website in few seconds, he may want to push the back button or switch to a competitor website for the same. If people do not find a clue to navigate around your website easily and in lesser time, then they won’t.

    While dealing with a responsive web design it is pretty tedious to have a perfect navigation. If you are thinking so, you are wrong. It isn’t a huge task when it comes to responsive design. You can have a condensed menu at the top or have a drop down menu with handful of important links. A thoughtful, neat and convenient to use navigation design can do the trick.

  4. Work on the smaller details for your website: Here comes the make or break situation. There are some important elements that if not given due attention while designing a responsive website, could be irksome. One of it is the load time, which is much lesser for the users viewing a website on the desktop than the ones on mobile phone or tablets. If such situation occurs, then to counter it a backup plan should be ready, such as upgrading the server or otherwise to ensure that the visitor is treated to something interactive while the lag in loading a page is dealt with.

  5. Few drops of creativity can turn the ball in your court: Making your website accessible on all platforms requires some thoughtful planning so that it doesn’t get boring and its is critically important element in case of a responsive web design as it offers an entirely different layout when viewed on different screen sizes. If a site is done creatively it can do wonders and can keep the users engaged in ways that traditional static designed sites couldn’t even figure out.

responsive design

The conclusion is, having a responsive website design is not a hard task. It’s rather simple. You only require keeping in mind the essential elements to keep it engaging and have a site of your choice.

For more information on the responsive website design and how your business could benefit from having one, contact us on rahul@credofy.com or alternatively call us at +919711054188 or visit Web design company – http://credofy.com


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