No keywords – No SEO

For effective Search Engine Optimization it is extremely important to research, analyze and select the best keywords. But do you know what a keyword is?

Keyword is that word that people will punch in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other) to look for the products and services that they require and you provide. These Search Engine Optimization keyword or key-phrases are the cornerstones that pave the way for the people to find your website from the search engines. Thus, better the keywords and its linking, better the chances of your website of being found during the searches.

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Right keywords are an essential for the success of Search Engine Optimization and are a fundamental part of it. It is similar to a situation where you are trying to dig a well without exactly knowing where the water is. Thus, a website that is well optimized for search engines have the keywords or phrases that its potential visitors may enter in the search engine to look for the services or products that you offer. Obviously quality content is favored by search engines; however, if you do a bad job at selecting the relevant keywords that people use in active searching, it sure will lead to missing a lot of traffic on your website and all your subsequent efforts will be in vain. Therefore, developing a list of keywords is one of the first and foremost important steps in any search engine optimization initiative.

Since keywords are essentials for all your other Search Engine Optimization efforts, it is of utmost importance that It’s worth the time and funds to make sure the keywords are highly pertinent to your audience.

Usually keywords selection and subsequent optimization is considered to be the most difficult task and ironically it is the most important part of search engine optimization. If you carelessly choose keywords and have no idea what keywords your potential customers are using to search for you services, I am afraid all your efforts would be in vain and you won’t be found. Hence, this would affect the traffic to your website and result in no sale. All other aspects of search engine optimization are directly keywords dependent.

We will walk you through certain important aspects of how to use a keyword so that you can leverage from it.

  1. What is believed to be the most significant piece of content on your website is a Title tag, both on and off-page. You should ensure that you keywords are included in the Title tag.
  1. You should include keywords for Search Engine Optimization in the URL too.
  1. Keyword optimization should be a part of the link building strategy. All the links be it internal links, inbound links, breadcrumb links, navigational links should have the main optimized keywords.
  1. Ensure using the keyword in the meta tags, especially in the meta description
  1. In any image file paths and in the images’ alt text
  1. Using the keyword as the anchor text

Search Engine Optimization

What should you keep in mind while evaluating Keywords?

 There are number of factors to be considered while determining which keywords to choose:

  1. Popularity: Target most popular but the less competitive keyword.
  2. Relevance: Keywords you choose should be relevant to your products and services, without it you’re unlikely to convert any traffic into customers.
  3. Keyword intentions: It is important to find out the intent behind the search queries. Whether they are only navigating here and there to know about some brands or are the ones who are curious and looking from some information which is question oriented and lastly that category which is ready to make a purchase.

By now you must have understood the importance of having right keywords to have an efficient Search Engine Optimization. Do come back to learn more about how to do researching, analyzing, discovering and optimizing keywords and more on our blog.

Till then keep on the research!


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