Link building – key to effectiveness

Sometimes back, I wrote about the sudden release of Penguin 3.0. The basic intention behind releasing that algorithm is to get rid of the spams and penalizing such websites that uses unnatural link building tactics to rank abnormally high and affect the search engine optimization rankings.

It is pertinent to bring such updates and releases from time to time so to ensure that people understand the criticality of having a clean search engine optimization strategy.

search engine optimization

There was a time when thousand of spam links were used to be created and they shot up the rankings of a website. But those days are now long gone. Such techniques of black hat search engine optimization still exist, however, are not that effective now and their results are temporary and very short lived. Google’s strict algorithms seek to penalize the websites using manipulative links and stresses upon the significance of having healthy and natural inbound links.

For Search engine optimization link building is the most important action and is directly intended at securing the quality inbound links that helps any webpage to rank high. Link building is a culmination of several skills and those search engine optimization’s fair well, that do not get indulge in malpractices and dedicate serious resources in their link building activity. Search engine these days do not get tempted with quantity but is in love with the quality. Having quality links from trusted and authority sites is not a cake walk though, however, if you succeed you are hugely rewarded.

So, now you have a fair idea about what is link building and its significance in search engine optimization. But now the questions arises as to how do you get your hands on such links that won’t get you penalized in anyway.

We have been witnessing a significant shift from how the link building used be done in not so distant time ago such as asking for reciprocal links, buying or selling links, too much usage of article marketing etc. However, now absolutely different strategies are being adopted to do this important activity.

  1. The first and the foremost is the content and that too amazing one: Every effective link building strategy is directly proportional to having excellent and relevant content that resonates with its intended audience. To make this work you need have high-quality content that can keep the readers engaged and have them come back to you for more. This attracts links. 
  1. Build links and drive traffic with guest posts: The guest blogging is that tried and tested strategy that has been there for a while now and works well. Guest blogging is a way to build authority and credibility. But you are required to have relationship with high-quality websites and should contribute some great and relevant content so that their readers out there should love reading a piece from you. Once that readership is attained you’ll get the targeted traffic to your site.
  1. Reaching out to bloggers: To get new audience it is a good practice to reach out to other established bloggers in the industry. This will mutually benefit both and will help in getting links back to your site.
  1. Social media presence: Creating excellent content is important but promoting it on social media is even more important. As this would reach out to mass and get you some really good audience. Once the content is like and shared, it gets visible and there are chances that some of your audience might want to link it to their articles or publications. This way your website receives organic linking back to it. search engine optimization

The potential power of the social media is huge as you got large circles out there and if you share loads of material in your circles the chances are you see more of that material being pushed in search results.


It is critical to understand and use the above notable strategies as they are worthy of consideration for effective link building purpose. These and many more are considered by professional search engine optimization across the globe.


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